Private Loan Against Property

Private Loan Against Property

Private Finance Against Property

Fund Source India provides Private loan against property to clients who are getting difficulty getting loans from regular banks and NBFC but have good property to offer as collateral. The client can get 50% of the valuation of the property & within a short period of time. This will be useful for clients who have some credit/cibil issues in the present or past or some documentary lacking in financials but are confident & have a business system to repay the loan.

Private Finance against Property is available in all major cities of India & will be raised against any property with a clear title and must be freehold or at least a ninety-nine years leasehold property.

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Private Loan Against Property

Private loans against property offer the immediate benefit of giving timely funds which can be utilized for any business or personal use like paying a creditor or any lender’s payment deadline or filling a gap between getting an awaited big tranche of money & current expenses. This private finance can be an act of temporary arrangement of funds due to issues in one credit score or some lacking of documents that keeps him away from getting loans from a conventional banking structure. So after getting a private loan against property client can plan for a secondary loan option through regular a bank or NBFC and through which this loan can be closed and which is more supportive in a long manner.

This private finance against property can be costly from conventional banking rates but clients must be aware that private lending is always costlier than other means of financing, but this is a timely helping friend.

Features of Private Loan Against Property:

  • Available in all major cities of India
  • Loan starting from Rs.1 crore
  • Loan against any type of collateral except agriculture
  • Loan can be raised against Land parcels also
  • Can be raised with bad credit scores
  • Can be utilized for business & personal needs
  • Shorter loan disbursement time

Advantages of Private Finance against Property:

  • Quick Disbursal: The best part of these loans are shorter process time. A client can get this financing within a short period of time.
  • Comfortable Login: The client can start the process by submitting the soft copies online. This gives the comfort of messing up preparing hard copies for submission.
  • Without Credit Checks: The client can apply for this loan without worrying about the issues in credit scores whether it is in the past or present. They can definitely get this loan as we do not require optimal credit scores like traditional bankers.
  • Simple Mortgage: No complicated & headache creating formalities for a mortgage of the collateral property as we do simply registered mortgages or not even that in some particular cases.
  • Close Previous lenders: No worry about closing any previous loan running on the same collateral property offered to us. We can pay directly to the previous loan lender on the property to close the loan & take over the securities directly from them.

Clients Already Served in the Following Cities:

Private finance against property in

Delhi NCR                                Hyderabad                                       Chennai                                    

Mumbai                                      Pune                                              Bangalore

Punjab                                         Kolkata                                          Ludhiana

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How amount can be raised through a private loan against property?

The Borrower can raise a minimum of Rs.1 crore to any higher amount required.

Is a good Credit score important for this loan?

No, the credit score does not hold any importance in this private loan against property.

In which location this loan is available?

This loan facility is available in PAN India.

How much loan amount can I get against my property?

The borrower can get 50% of the market valuation in a private loan against the property, moreover loan amount also depends upon the repayment capacity of the borrower.

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