Big Loans for Bad Credit

Big Loans for Bad Credit

Big loans for bad credit are available for clients who require big amounts of loans have good collateral to offer and are running good businesses but due to some issues in the credit history unable to get the loans from standard banking/NBFCs.

We at Fund Source India provide big-ticket size of loans to clients who have cibil issues but running a good profitable business and have good collateral to offer as collateral. Big amounts of loans are required to cover multiple requirements of a business such as payment to vendors, machinery purchase, and working capital requirements. So big loans are always needed by corporations to fulfill all their requirements in a single.

How to Get a Big Loan?

There are five top requirements to get a big loan:

  1. Good Business Industry: If a borrower is working in an industry that is always in demand for the product and shows rising growth charts year on year and also new emerging industries promoted by governments worldwide, then surely he will be able to get big loans. 
  2. Good Business Management: Lenders focus on the business where the business is run by a strong management team leaving no space for human errors. They have a good balanced administration team that perfectly manages the sales and manufacturing department as well good accountancy team to keep records of all business transactions.
  3. Profitable Balance Sheet: A good profit-making balance sheet that not only focuses on increasing the topline but also a good bottom line that shows a good profit margin on sales and cost-cutting policies of the company.
  4. End Use of Funds: A well-defined end usage of loan funds shows a company’s future outlook and vision for growth by utilizing the funds infused in the business.
  5. Good Collateral to offer: The borrower needs to offer good collateral that is free of incumbrances and holds a good market value that provides ample cover to the loan amount and a clean property title for applying for big loans with their respective lender.


Big loans not only fulfill the multiple business requirements but are also helpful in consolidating multiple loans to get a loan at better terms and to deal with a single lender avoiding the multiple repayment dates and charges levied on non-servicing on due date. 

Key features of Big Loans:

  • Loan amount starting from Rs.10 crores to any higher amount required
  • Loan available in PAN India
  • Loans can be offered with bad credit or bad credit scores
  • Collateral takeovers from previous banks can be done
  • Loan available against any kind of built-up properties and land except agricultural lands
  • Easy onset of the process through soft copies
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